Benefits of Company Membership

Benefits of Membership:

  • Learning and working as a team member on a higher level of learning to produce above average results
  • Performing in “Company only” shows such as the Christmas show each year and also in all Recitals
  • Provides an opportunity to take part in national competitions.
  • Provides a variety of opportunities to perform in numerous local shows
  • Being part of a committed elite group with focus on perfecting performance
  • Top professional teaching for Company classes develops the talent of members to the utmost potential by polishing essential skills of dance
  • Company fees include all costumes for Company classes only


Becoming a member of the RISPA Company places a student in an elite status that strives to meet professional standards. The advantages are many, as the list above indicates. A team spirit is developed wherein members have a sense of pride in perfecting performances. With high level teaching to guide and inspire, Company members develop a feeling of accomplishment, an air of confidence and self esteem as their performance improves. All of the above requires dedication on the part of Company members in order to reach the goals of RISPA Company. If you are chosen to become a Company member, your participation is important, your determination is important and you will be expected to follow through on the commitments as outlined in the information package issued to you. RISPA is endeavoring to reach and maintain an excellent standard—we are pleased to welcome members who will embrace this goal and join our team.